Michael Mentele

I have a BS in Electrical Engineering and two years of experience as a Fortune 100 R&D power engineer working on critical infrastructure control algorithms shipped internationally at SEL.

Last year I jumped the fence to full stack development. The change has been a long time coming; I built my first computer in middle school and built my first website when I was 15. If you're looking for code you can go straight to my Github. Or, if you only have a few moments, checkout the table of contents for the write up of my latest project, Open Source Watch (the slides for the presentation can be found at the bottom of this page).

Oh, and feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn!

Recent Project: Open Source Watch

*As presented at Seattle.rb, and South Sound Developer's Group.

More Projects

I've also built a number of other projects, these aren't tutorials, these are projects scoped and built 100% by me. I've cloned Yelp as Kelp to demonstrate third party integration (Stripe) and to practice adding roles, in this case for vendors, who can put on coupon sales for their business. I created a Trello-like app as Mrello that is a Backbone.js SPA that communicates to a Rails 5 API via signed JSON web tokens. Those are just a few, over Fall of 2016 I built dozens of learning projects, if you're looking for more stuff you can find old projects from when I was just getting started on github page HERE.

A Bit About Me

I am all about expansion. I love learning new things, I don't think education ever stops, I broke both feet overcommitting to running a marathon, and I overcame not being able to walk by picking up handwalking. I am obsessed with feedback and have regular self-reviews. And I recommend Southeast Asia as a great place for backpacking.

Technical Interests

When I live alone, I tend to do things like organize my fruit by color and line up bell peppers in rows. I like clear separation, and organization and it shows in my code.

I like big data and I'm fascinated by difficult computational problems that require heuristically driven algorithms. Recently, I co-created Open Source Watch; an application consisting of 16+ processes scaled up and out across 8 servers making 2 million+ requests against Github per day and persisting 20,000,000+ records to a relational database with a light AJAXified frontend. I also created a custom priority queue scheme that traded O(n) space for O(1) sorting time and granular control over job frequency distribution.You can see the full story at opensourcewatch.com/story. For an overview, checkout the ToC.

Lately, I've been using Ruby/Rails, and related tech, but consider myself tool agnostic. I've written a number of articles on Javascript and considered myself grounded enough in the language to quickly pick up the framework flavor of the week. In the past I've written code in Assembly, VHDL, C++, C#, Python, and more, for dabbling in VR development, embedded robotics, and data science.

What I can Offer

I take a stake in the things I do. I own them. What I can offer is autonomous, smart, driven, team-centric contribution.

What I'm Looking For

I'm looking for a team where I can both contribute and grow. That team should authentically back a clear mission and obsess about the quality of its product and their impact their customers.